Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Airport Industria City Improvement district appointed the services of a Security provider which commenced services on 1 May 2007.   At renewal of the security contract the committee agreed to renew the service contract that is currently looking after the Crime and Security needs in the area.

The security service provider has 2 vehicles on the road and two officers for day and night shift. Security Officers are doing visible patrolling and policing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An improvement in our surroundings is definitely noted, potential offenders no longer have a “free run” of the area. Crime in the area is largely under control thus maintaining a safe secure environment.

The security company has its office located at the CID offices, thus ensuring constant communication on a daily basis with the CID Manager regarding the management of security officers, crime prevention and assisting the various law enforcement officers in visible patrolling and policing in the geographical area of the City Improvement District.

Weekly meetings are held to discuss incidents and crime related matters and to address those matters raised. The good working relationship and direct communication between the security service provider and the CID Manager enables both parties to give immediate attention to any problems.

In addition to attending to crime, the security provider also attend to various other issues such as keeping a watch on illegal dumping taking place, gates of premises left open, confiscations, checking of trolleys, recording incidents in the area and the South African Police Services involvement, illegal vendors, monitoring and reporting on Safety Hazards & Maintenance needed to be done by Council and checking on all horse and carts entering the area by inspecting the condition of horse and cart and determine the purpose for entering the area.

The CID Manager and Security Management attend weekly Crime Forum meetings, hosted by SAPS Bishop Lavis and therefore a good working relationship exist.

Crime incidents in Airport Industria are discussed monthly with the Sector Manger of Bishop Lavis. Crime statistics are compared and discussed. A pro-active approach is taken rather than a re-active approach within our area. SAPS do however confirm there has been a decrease in crime in the Airport Industrial area since 2004. However during the latter part of 2009 there has been a slight increase in crime, but this could be as a result of the recessionary period we are facing currently. Preventative measures are however in place and ‘hot spots’ are monitored. It is important that crime does not deprive Industrialists, their employees and clients / customers from moving freely around within their own surrounds.

Equally important is peace of mind that their property ¡s safe. This ultimately requires successful operations from CID and SAPS Officials.  We will continue to focus predominantly on crime during the next 5 years, thus ensuring workers safety and security of business assets.

Byers Security has been appointed as Security service provider.

We have two vehicles on the road and two officers for day and night shift.

Security Officers are doing visible policing and patrolling 24/7/365.

Byers Security has one Response Vehicle working with the CID ensuring the CID boundary is covered

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Our security trailer is ready!

Our security trailer is ready! October 25, 2012 The Airport CID took delivery of the mobile security trailer after the branding was applied to the trailer.  The branding features the CID logo as well as our emergency contact numbers.  The Airport CID will be deploying the trailer in various areas.   CID Mobile Security Trailer …

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