About Us


The Airport Industria City Improvement District (CID) has been operating since 25 February

2004 and effectively started managing the area in July 2004. Due to the increased demand on infrastructure and services in Airport Industria, Legislation made provision for the establishment of a legal non-profitable Section 21 Company to work hand-in-hand with local authorities in supplementing the basic services. Being a service organisation, the CID provides enhanced services above those provided by local authority.

The City Improvement District is funded solely by property owners in Airport Industria.


  • Transform Airport Industria as a sought after and preferred industrial district with the concomitant to increase property values
  • Endeavours to offer a future for potential buyers and development of new businesses
  • Create an environment that cares and values the safety and security of aIl workers and guests
  • Establish a credible industrial area that is tolerant, well governed and trusted by its people
  • Create a competent working industry with skills, capabilities and a competitive edge


Strive for the maintenance and integrity of:

  • Land Owners
  • Tenants
  • Workers

Strive for continuing improvement in:

  • Creating a secure and cleaner working environment for all
  • Assist local authorities to reduce crime and grime
  • Creating substantial improvement in development indicators

By developing:

  • Strategies to improve the quality of our environment
  • Increase awareness amongst owners, tenants and workers
  • Be part of working toward solutions to the areas of concern



  • Achieve our goals as set out in the business plan approved by property owners and Cape Town City Council
  • To create wealth and financial security of all Industrialists, in order for them to exercise their freedom to pursue their business values
  • Have security and cleansing personnel working in direct contact with other Government/Council agencies to combat crime and grime and to assist businesses to safeguard their personnel and assets
  • ¬†Transform Airport lndustria into a sought after industrial and districts and in the process increase property values
  • Create a cleaner, more secure environment that cares and values for the safety and security of all workers and clients
  • Establish a credible industrial area that is tolerant, well governed and trusted by its people