Management Board and Structure

The AICID is operationally managed by a CID Manager, Rhonda Lewis appointed by the Board.

The AICID Board of Directors, elected by the members of AICID NPC, and consists of property owners within Airport Industria and a Political Representative from the City of Cape Town attending Board Meetings as an observer.

The Board of Directors and CID Manager are responsible for the management of the CID, within the framework of the approved Business Plan and oversee the implementation thereof.

NameCurrent SRA Portfolio
Anthony Healey – ChairpersonH&M Removals and Simply Store
Neil Mc MurrayThe Plus Forty Trust
Grant MageeDe Mooij Export
John Jackson Marine Civil
Management BoardPortfolio Assignment
John Jackson – ChairpersonCapital Projects, Roads (Infrastructure)
CID Office
Neil Mc MurrayFinance, Capital Projects, Marketing
Company Secretary
Vernon RawstorneMarketing (assist as Committee Member)
Grant MageeSocial Responsibility, Cleansing
Carl Von DuringSocial Responsibility, Cleansing (assist as Committee Member)
Louise GreenSocial Responsibility, Cleansing (assist as Committee Member)
Anthony HealeySecurity

The Board meets every second month and gives valuable guidance in the running of the AICID. 

Portfolios have been established to deal with specific issues, who meet with the CID manager as and when required while decisions are taken by the full board.

The AICID provide supplementary municipal services within the public areas by:

  • enhancing and supplementing the municipal services provided by the City of Cape Town within the AICID boundary;
  • encouraging a co-operative approach between the City and the private sector in the provision of municipal services;
  • promoting economic growth;
  • facilitating investment in AICID;
  • public safety – the safety of the general public in public spaces; and
  • creating a clean, tidy and well-maintained working environment for all property owners and the community.

The AICID will act as a management body and be responsible for performing planning, contracting, financial control and administration functions, including:

  • assessing the funding required each year for the purposes of the AICID
  • making recommendation to Council i.t.o operational and capital budget allocation towards the Airport Industria Area for consideration during its budgeting process
  • appointing service providers to attend to improvements and maintenance within the AICID as per the business plan

The AICID endeavours to maintain good working relations with all stakeholders, property and business owners and Law Enforcement Agencies.

AICID has tremendous support from all of the above and is a well-respected governed industrial area.

Property and Business owners are invited to attend the AICID Annual General meetings where achievements during the past year are discussed as outlined in the implementation and business plan. The new financial years’ budget and implementation plan is discussed and presented for approval. All AGM documents are distributed and available on the AICID website.