Safety Hazards and Maintenance

The ClD Manager compile defects into lists on a weekly basis for the respective council departments who then render assistance, which are listed below:

  • Defective and insufficient Street lighting
  • Lamp poles damaged
  • Drain covers missing or damaged
  • Blocked drains (storm water)
  • Damaged fences
  • Pot holes and road reserve maintenance and damageKerb damages
  • Traffic signs and traffic road markings
  • Visibility of street names
  • Illegal sign boards, posters and pamphlets
  • Maintenance of vacant erven
  • Fire Hydrants leaking, damaged covers and stop cocks
  • Water canals are monitored for cleaning and cutting
  • Eskom and Telkom unit damages
  • Tree maintenance
  • Other general council related work

The CID manager has established a good working relationship with the various Council departments and officials.