Marketing programmes aim to improve the overall image of our business district through personal visits to the businesses by the CID Manager, through collaborative promotional strategies, market research and working with the media.

The CID committee and management’s goal is to achieve the short and medium term objective as determined by the business plan.

The CID logo is used on security vehicles and stationary. Signboards have been erected as per The City’s regulations at all three entrances to Airport Industria.

Brochures containing information regarding the CID and its operation are given out to Landlords and Business Tenants when the CID manager visits the businesses.

E-mails are sent out on a weekly basis to Landlords and Business Tenants providing them with the weekly security report, information on safety precautions and events in Airport Industria.

Tittle-Tattle the CID newsletter is e-mailed to Landlords and Business Tenants on a quarterly basis with news pertaining to past happenings and on-going services, thus promoting the image of a safer and friendlier place in which to conduct business.