Social Services

On behalf of the City Improvement District board of directors, we would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to the businesses for responding positively to our Social Responsibility Projects  and for making the projects successful and helping us make a difference in the lives of some of our less fortunate children and adults.

The City Improvement District is becoming an active partner with social service organizations to help address the issue of Street children and destitute people.

The yearly “winter project” has proved to be a success and a worthy course. Workers in Airport Industry open their hearts every year by donating goods in the form of second-hand clothing, shoes, blankets and tin foods.

The December ‘heart for children’ has proved to be successful and a worthy course. Christmas gifts and hampers are collected from workers in Airport Industria and delivered by the CID Manager to orphanages and hospitals.

The City Improvement District decided as part of our Social responsibility toward the community to arrange with the Western Cape Blood Transfusion Service to deliver a service to all our workers in Airport. The donor clinic is set up every 56 days in Airport Industria and workers in the area support this worthy course in helping make a difference in ‘saving a life’.

The CID continues to promote the greening campaign in Airport Industria by urging businesses to water the trees, take part in the quarterly garden competition. The CID assist The City’s health department with condom distribution to all businesses.

See our “Projects” pages for more information on some of these initiatives

The CID currently distributes various items to four organisations where the need is the greatest.

 The organisations are as follows:

  •  ST Josephs situated in Montana. They take care of abandoned and chronically ill children
  • RIVERTON Primary School situated in Bishop Lavis
  • Sonskyn Soup Kitchen situated in Bishop Lavis
  • Various Community Services